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Located 2 miles east of the expressway on 23 Mile Rd
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NuLids is all natural treatment for dry eyes provides relief for dry, red, itchy, swollen eyes by targeting the tiny glands in the eyelids.

Nulids opens up any blocked glands to let the vital oils flow into the tears, enhancing your eye's lubrication and reducing tear evaporation.

NuLids provides significant advantages over other existing and patients have expressed delight in how much better their eyes feel.

What is NuLids?

The NuLids System is a FDA Registered, highly effective treatment device specifically designed to reduce the signs and symptoms associated with blepharitis and dry eye.

The NuLids System is easy-to-use and only takes only a few minutes to complete for both eyes.

The NuLids device is compact and pain-free.

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Can I reuse my NuLids Soft Tips?

NuLids Soft Tips cannot be reused.

Reusing tips can cause serious eye infections, and can damage the NuLids device. Your eyes are very sensitive.

When you boil and reuse NuLids Soft Tips, you not only risk eye infection, but other eye injuries as well. Reusing tips will damage the NuLids device and void your warranty.

How does the NuLids System work?

The NuLids System treats Blepharitis and Dry Eye disease caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This condition often worsens over time.

NuLids is clinically proven safe and effective for removal of biofilm and scurf that occlude the openings of the Meibomian glands.

These glands are responsible for producing the lipid layer of the tear film. In studies, lipid deficiency is the cause of Dry Eye Disease in 86% of all cases.

In addition, the gentle massaging action of the NuLids Disposable Tip may stimulate capillary perfusion at the lid margins and contribute to overall better eyelid health.