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FAQs with Dr Lawless

SPEED™ Questionnaire

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a system of processes and exercises designed to improve visual function.

This includes basics like eye teaming and focusing; as well as more complex processing skills such as visualization and visual motor integration.

The goal of Vision Therapy is achieving optimum performance in school (or work) with clear, comfortable and efficient vision.

Which signs indicate a child could benefit from Vision Therapy?

Approximately 80% of what we learn is processed through our vision.

Therefore, if a child is struggling in school, gets tired or frustrated easily, has problems with concentration or attention – a complete evaluation for Vision Therapy should be one of the first steps toward finding a cause- and possible solution.

What are Dry Eyes?

The comfort and clarity of our eyes is dependent on an abundant and well balanced tear layer.- A well-balanced tear layer consists of not only water, but also oils, lipids, and nutrients.

If any of these components is lacking, the result is dry eyes.

What are the Common Signs of Dry Eyes?

The eyes can become scratchy, irritated, red, or even “watery” and vision may become blurred, or “smeary”.