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Success Stories

Success Stories

Here is what some of our clients had to say...

"Before the V.I.P. program, my daughter struggled with homework every night for hours on end. She had headaches all the time. She would always try hard, but could never seem to get good results with grades in school. Once we started the V.I.P. program, changes began immediately. Her homework stopped taking hours; she would have it done in a breeze! The teachers were impressed with her rapid change in grades. They had never seen such a jump in levels in this short of time. They were amazed!" - Margie

"We found the V.I.P. program such a success for our oldest daughter we enrolled our second child. And, again the program is a big success. Our second daughter has shown great progress in only ten weeks. Her self-confidence is soaring. She is able to stay on task and complete work with far fewer errors. Handwriting and letter recognition seemed to change overnight. She's excited about school again and proud of her abilities." - Lorithumbs up child

"I would recommend the V.I.P. program to parents of active children. Our son who's had ADHD can now concentrate much easier. He also has a more positive attitude toward doing his homework. His focus on completing a task has greatly increased. He also seems to be less aggravated while reading directions and can follow written directions much closer." - Karen

"Elizabeth used to read very slowly. She had a hard time remembering words from one sentence to the next. After the V.I.P. program, she now reads smoothly. She remembers words and seems to enjoy reading. Elizabeth does not give me a hard time anymore when we do homework. The V.I.P. program has helped Elizabeth with her schoolwork and confidence level. I have and will continue to recommend this program to everybody." - Jennifer

"The V.I.P. program has been wonderful for our daughter Christine. I always knew something wasn't right, but all of her teachers were never interested in helping find a problem or a solution. Because of this program, Christine doesn't feel dumb. She is confident with her work and feels like she finally gets it. This program has been a huge boost to Christine's life." - Lori

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