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Located 2 miles east of the expressway on 23 Mile Rd
In the Spectrum Professional Building in New Baltimore, Michigan

Vision Therapy Center at New Baltimore Optometry



What is vision therapy?
Vision Therapy is a treatment program prescribed to improve visual gathering skills (for improvement in clear, single and comfortable vision) and visual processing skills (for improvements in concentration, memory, reversal problems, visual motor integration, and visualization).

What are some general symptoms or problems that may require vision therapy?
The following symptoms can exist individually or in various combinations: frequent headaches, a tendency to use one eye more than the other, poor memory and comprehension, a short attention span, and holding one's head very close or to one side when reading. These symptoms can indicate problems that can be improved by vision therapy. Call (586) 725-7311 or click here Schedule An Appointment Today! to schedule your child's free screening.

How does vision therapy work?
Like most skills, people must learn and develop most vision skills. Since these skills are learned and developed, they can generally be improved through vision therapy. In vision therapy, the therapist prescribes demanding, sequential visual tasks to be practiced under controlled conditions. As the tasks are practiced, improvement in individual vision skills will lead to enhanced academic/work performance.

Is age a barrier?
No, depending on the condition, vision therapy can help people of all ages.

What results can I expect from vision therapy?
As in any therapy program, success is largely dependent upon the patient and his or her willingness to learn and work. The V.I.P. 10-week program has resulted in average improvements of 3.1 years in visual processing skills and 4.6 years in concentration.

Is there scientific evidence that vision therapy works?In a word, yes. Studies on vision therapy are on a par with the published literature in parallel rehabilitative interventions such as physical therapy and occupational therapy. Furthermore, the data which supports vision therapy is considerably more impressive than the data which has substantiated other forms of visual intervention before these were put into public use by eyecare practitioners. The same profession (Ophthalmology) which calls for "more scientific" studies of vision therapy had no qualms about recommending elective procedures such as eye muscle surgery or refractive surgery prior to any scientific study whatsoever. A concise source of information re: scientific studies on vision therapy can be found at the Indiana University School of Optometry web site. See Vision Therapy References for other publications.

Is the Vision Improvement Program right for my child?
To find out if your child can benefit from our program, please call (586) 725-7311 or click here Schedule An Appointment to schedule your child's free comprehensive screening. This is the first step to your child's improvement.