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Symptoms Of Vision Deficiencies 

"Children typically do not report poor vision, they assume everybody sees the way they do." -Dr. Joseph Lawless 

Many children with difficulty learning, especially those with A.D.D, have an undiagnosed visual deficiency. The child with dreamy expressionsymptoms of a vision-related learning problem and A.D.D are similar. The Vision Improvement Program can diagnose and successfully treat most vision problems that are often reflected in the following behaviors:

  • Unable to sit still, cannot stay on task for any length of time
  • Very clumsy; poor eye-hand coordination
  • Shows poor reading comprehension
  • Does written work very slowly; often fails to complete a task
  • Has difficulty copying visual material, constantly looks up and down
  • Holds head very close, inclines head far to one side when reading
  • Moves entire head instead of eyes when reading
  • Just "not getting it"
  • Is disorganized and frustrated when studying visual information
  • Makes frequent "careless" errors

A Parent’s Checklist 

If your child displays any of the above symptoms, The Vision Improvement Program at New Baltimore Optometry may be the answer you have been looking for.