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Vision Improvement Program

Struggling in school? Behind on their reading?
Vision Therapy may be the Answer You’ve been Searching for!

Vision Improvement Program at New Baltimore Optometry in New Baltimore, Michigan

Vision Improvement Program
Specializing in Vision-Related Learning Difficulties

Too many of our children today are labeled as A.D.D./A.D.H.D or learning disabled. Many of these children who have difficulty learning may actually have an undiagnosed visual deficiency. 40% of children in an average classroom have a vision-related problem that can hinder their ability to read and learn. This problem is often overlooked and can be serious.

The good news is, it is treatable

Vision therapy does much more than help a child to see clearly. Our vision therapy program attacks the causes of these learning problems and dramatically improves a child's ability to learn.





Our Mission

At the Vision Improvement Program, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in people's lives. Our examinations, consultations, and treatments go beyond informing patients and solving vision problems. They empower our patients to live a more enjoyable and productive lives.

To find out if your child's A.D.D. or learning disability is actually a visual processing difficulty and may be a candidate for vision therapy, call us to schedule a comprehensive screening.